Your Guide to Massage Etiquette

Visiting a massage therapist in Tucson is a wonderful way to promote mental and physical relaxation and rejuvenation. If you have never received a massage before, you may be curious or unsure about proper massage etiquette during your visit. Knowing ahead of time what to expect and how to act can help you feel even more relaxed and comfortable during your massage experience.

Arrive Clean and On Time

One of the most basic courtesies you can pay your massage therapist is to arrive on time—or even a few minutes early—for your appointment. Especially if this will be your first time receiving a massage, you may need to answer a few questions or fill out some brief paperwork; arriving early gives you the time you need so you can perform these tasks without cutting into your massage time. Additionally, it’s a good idea to shower before your visit for greater comfort, particularly if you’ll be coming from a workout or sporting event.

Discuss Any Pain or Past Surgeries

If you have been experiencing any pain or stiffness, discuss this with your massage therapist before you begin so she can either avoid or focus on these areas as needed. Additionally, if you have had surgery, sustained a major injury, or been in an accident, let your massage therapist know—even incidents that occurred in the far past could influence your present treatment plan.

Be an Active Participant

The best massage results are achieved when you and your massage therapist work together. If you are feeling pain or discomfort during your massage, don’t be afraid to speak up and point out any problem areas. Your massage therapist can only tailor your treatment to your specific needs if she knows when something feels right or wrong.

At Agave Rose Wellness, our massage therapists offer a wide variety of therapeutic massage services, including Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, and chair massage. You can find out more about visiting us for a massage on our website, or by calling (520) 444-6628.


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