Taking a Closer Look at Trigger Point Therapy

Both chronic and acute pain can affect your ability to take part in work or school, as well as interfere with the daily activities you love. Pain and headaches are often caused by tight areas within the tissues of your muscles, called trigger points, which cause both direct and referred pain. Trigger point massage therapy is a simple and effective treatment option that can be used alone or as part of a comprehensive wellness program to manage pain and improve healing over the short and long term.

The Basics of Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is a form of massage that targets the trigger points on your body associated with your pain. These trigger points may be near the area causing you pain, or they may be elsewhere on the body, causing what is called “referred pain.” By using massage to loosen these tight knots of muscles, trigger point therapy aims to help the muscle tissue relax and prevent the muscle spasms that contribute to the pain you are feeling.

Conditions Improved by Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is typically an ongoing massage therapy treatment solution, as it is often used for the management of chronic pain. However, trigger point therapy can be a useful solution for minor nagging pain associated with injuries and overuse as well. Back pain is one of the most common conditions that affects adults—it is also often very responsive to trigger point therapy, as many types of back pain are due to knots and spasms in the muscles on the back. Other conditions that respond well to trigger point therapy include fibromyalgia-related pain, chronic headaches, rotator cuff pain, TMJ disorder, arthritis, and sciatica.

Your massage therapist at Agave Rose Wellness can help you target and eliminate chronic and injury-related pain with trigger point therapy. Please give us a call at (520) 444-6628, or click through our comprehensive website for more details about our massage therapy services and specials in Tucson.

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