Relieving the Discomforts of Pregnancy with Prenatal Massage

The female body undergoes many changes during pregnancy, from the obvious physical changes to hormonal and mental changes that occur unseen. Massage therapy offers expectant mothers-to-be relief from a variety of pregnancy symptoms, improving every stage of pregnancy and offering further benefits during and after labor and birth.

Hormonal Changes

During pregnancy, changes in the level of hormones in the body can affect mood, often leading to an increase in feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Hormone changes resulting in increased production of stress hormones will not only affect mood, but can also increase the risk of labor complications and newborn health concerns after birth. Studies have shown that prenatal massage can help the body to better balance hormonal release, reducing the levels of stress hormones while increasing the levels of relaxation-inducing hormones to balance mood and improve birth outcomes.

Fluid Retention and Swelling

Pregnant women often experience fluid retention and swelling of the joints due to changes in circulation and metabolism. Although these effects are not harmful, they are a common cause of discomfort during pregnancy. Massage therapy is ideal for improving circulation and lymphatic drainage, moving fluids through the body to reduce retention and increase circulation, which reduces swelling of the soft tissues surrounding the joints.

Stiffness and Achiness

Carrying a growing fetus can affect many changes on the female body. Stiffness and achiness in joints and muscles are associated with changes in body shape, posture, and weight throughout pregnancy, and often increase in the later stages. Prenatal massage acts to maintain flexibility and relieve sore, achy muscles and joints by improving blood flow and cell oxygenation in these areas, as well as prompting tight muscles to relax and lengthen.

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