Preparing for Your First Massage Appointment

Even though the purpose of massage therapy is to help you relax, it’s natural to feel a little anxious for your first massage appointment. To get the most from your massage experience, it can be helpful to research any questions or concerns you have ahead of time. Knowing what to expect from the experience can help you fully relax during your massage therapy appointment.

Remove clothing to your comfort level

You shouldn’t feel pressured to remove all of your clothing during an appointment if it makes you uncomfortable. If you choose not to remove your clothing, make sure to wear clothing that will be comfortable during the massage. This allows your massage therapist to touch and move different areas of your body. However, if you do remove your clothes, your massage therapist will leave the room or provide you with a private place to undress. He or she will also drape a towel over your body for the session, only uncovering a portion of your body at a time.

Communicate with the massage therapist

Before your session begins, you will need to provide accurate and complete health information. It’s also important to explain your expectations and purpose for scheduling massage therapy. Massage therapists routinely use oil, lotions, and powders, so you should also communicate any potential allergies to these products.

Give feedback during the massage

Your massage therapist wants you to have a relaxing, healing experience. If you feel any discomfort during the massage, don’t be afraid to tell your massage therapist. You can also give feedback regarding the amount of pressure and type of hand movement being used. You can also tell your massage therapist whether you would like to talk during the appointment or to remain silent.

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