What to Expect from Swedish Massage Therapy

Do you frequently feel tired, tense, achy, or just generally run-down? If so, it’s time to explore the world of massage therapy. Massage therapy offers physical, mental, and emotional benefits, and can give you a better outlook on life as well as relief from muscle tension and pain. There are many different types of massage ranging from deep tissue to hot stone to trigger point therapy. One of the most popular types of massage is Swedish massage, which utilizes different strokes to promote pain relief, relaxation, and well-being. Keep reading to learn what you can expect from Swedish massage therapy.


Before your massage begins, you will discuss your unique needs as well as any areas you want to receive special attention with your massage therapist. During this consultation, your massage therapist will formulate a treatment plan for you, and let you know what you can expect while you’re on the table. You may request to spend more time on your upper body or lower body, for example, so your massage therapist will devise a way to meet your needs during your treatment.

Types of Strokes

Swedish massage incorporates five basic strokes that aim to stimulate circulation to encourage healing and pain relief. Your therapist may use kneading techniques or long, slow strokes to get the muscles to release their tension. Massage oil or lotion is used to lubricate your skin so that you don’t experience discomfort from friction. Your massage therapist may also use shorter, more percussive techniques to help break up adhesions in the tissue in addition to tapping or vibrational motions.


Many people choose Swedish massage to help improve their overall well-being, while others choose it as a means of reducing swelling from a recent or nagging injury. You can expect to leave your massage appointment feeling more relaxed, and you may experience better sleep for some time following your massage.

Swedish massage is just one of the styles we offer at Agave Rose Wellness in Tucson. Contact us at (520) 444-6628 to schedule your next massage appointment with us. We strive to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for all of our massage clients.

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